Optimizing the design of a 20m fishing trawler for JJ mariness


The fishing trawler built by JJ Marines has a 350hp engine and an average speed of 10 knots but even after upgrading the engine to 450 hp the trawler Couldn’d reach the desired speed of 12 knots. As per the client’s request, CFD simulations were done to optimize the design to reach the desired speed without any loss in stability. Initial simulations were carried out on the design given by the client and important data from results like the drag coefficient and other parameters have been studied. Based on the data collected number of simulations were carried out by modifying the design of the hull to optimize the speed without any loss in stability.


  • The initial simulation of the given design showed a high drag coefficient and also had high stability.
  • After a number of simulations, the hull design was finalized.
  • The final design had comparatively low drag coefficient and negligible loss in stability.
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