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Advancing Fire Protection Systems & Engineering

At Aatral Engineering, we understand that diverse structures present distinct challenges in designing Fire and Life Safety systems. Consider a hospital fire – a standard evacuation drill might not suffice for patients requiring evacuation on stretchers or in wheelchairs. Varied safety needs across residential, industrial, or healthcare buildings necessitate tailored solutions.

Safety: A Crucial Social Aspect

When delving into Sustainability’s Triple Bottom Line, we prioritise not just economic and environmental aspects but also the crucial social facet – safeguarding lives and property from fire hazards. Our experts comprehend that fire & life safety isn’t standalone but a balance of design innovation, sustainability, and functionality.

As pioneers in Building Services, our in-house specialists meticulously oversee fire safety designs. Certified in international and local codes like NFPA, FM, LPCB, UAE FLS Code, NBC, they adapt designs according to the jurisdiction’s standards. Detailed analyses of fire class, heat, and smoke patterns guide our proposals for detection, protection, and smoke management.

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