King Fahd Causeway: Outdoor Air Conditioning of
Saudi-Bahrain Customs Check Post (KFCA)


The objective of this analysis is to design & optimize the proposed outdoor air-conditioning system for  the international customs area, This area has a size of 6,000m2 and with 5 lanes of road passing through  it, The area of interest does not have any walls but it has a roof made of fabric material, The purpose of  this customs area is to check and approve the land movement of people between two countries, Hence  the officials and the travellers will stay on the road & parking inside the customs area for the purpose of  inspection, The designed HVAC system must provide relief cooling to the people inside the customs area, Weather data was used to simulate ambient worst case  conditions (wind speed, direction, temperature & humidity) around the customs area, Adjacent buildings in the upstream of the  wind were carefully modelled to improve flow accuracy inside the customs area, Since there is no walls around the check post to retain the conditioned air inside the area \of interest (customs area).


We have successfully designed and optimized an outdoor air conditioning system for the customs area such that it retails maximum conditioned air inside the area of interest for maximum time under all ambient conditions.
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