Energy Audit - DHA HQ, Dubai


We’re excited to present the outcomes of our recent energy audit conducted for a healthcare head office in Dubai, covering an expansive area of 14,440 square meters. With an annual energy consumption of 4,051,100 kWh, we recognized the potential for optimizing energy usage and achieving substantial savings.


After a thorough audit process, we pinpointed key areas for enhancement. A significant discovery was the continuous operation of DX AC units and the constant positioning of window blinds. Equipped with insights from the audit, we proposed tailored Energy Conservation measures to boost efficiency.


  • The results speak volumes! Through the implementation of our recommendations, the revised electrical consumption plummeted to 3,245,572 kWh, signifying an impressive 19.9% reduction. This translates to an annual electricity saving of 805,528 kWh and a remarkable avoidance of 322,213 kg of CO2 emissions!
  • But the benefits extend further. We’re delighted to share that the capital cost for executing these Energy Conservation measures amounts to approximately AED 900k, delivering an exceptional ROI of just 3.5 years.

Key Figures

Electricity Saved : 805,528 kWh annually
CO2 Avoided : 322,213 kg
ROI : 3 to 5 years

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