CFD Smoke Analysis : Marina Mall, Chennai


The aim of this project is to assess the efficacy of the ductless ventilation system in the event of a fire and provide our client with relevant data that will aid in optimizing their fire safety system. During a fire outbreak, smoke poisoning is the leading cause of fatalities, not the fire itself. It is the responsibility of the ventilation system to efficiently dispel the smoke and maintain adequate visibility for evacuation and firefighting efforts to proceed. Simulations for duct ventilation systems can also be performed as part of the project.


The simulation was carried out using a fire size of 4MW (based on the geometry of the basement) and octane as the fuel. An optimized fire curve which closely simulates automobile fire in a basement was used for a duration of 0 to 20 minutes.


  • The initial simulation was conducted using the client-supplied jet fan locations. The results indicated that the basement was fully filled with smoke within 10 minutes of the fire’s onset.
  • Despite the sufficient time, the ventilation system based on the initial jet fan locations failed to clear the smoke.
  • The ventilation system was altered by adjusting the jet fan locations based on the CFD results, eliminating the stagnation region and effectively improving the flow pattern.
  •  The simulation demonstrated efficient smoke clearance and a visibility of 30 meters within 25 minutes of the fire’s start.
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