BIM ICD - Brookfields


The primary objective of integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) as an Integrated Construction Delivery (ICD) solution at Brookefields Mall in Dubai was to enhance construction efficiency and communication among various stakeholders. The project aimed to leverage BIM technology to streamline interactions between different disciplines, improve coordination between project management and contractors, and ultimately deliver a high-quality retail destination within the specified timeline.


Comprehensive Digital Model : BIM technology was utilized to create a comprehensive digital model of the Brookefields Mall project, encompassing architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and material management aspects.

Centralized Repository : The BIM model served as a centralized repository accessible to all project stakeholders, including engineers, architects, contractors, and project managers. This allowed for seamless collaboration and real-time access to project data.

Real-Time Updates : Designers continuously updated the BIM model with Request for Information (RFI) submissions, enabling real-time collaboration and decision-making. This iterative approach ensured that any changes or clarifications were promptly addressed, minimizing delays and errors.

Visualization and Clash Detection : Stakeholders leveraged the BIM model to visualize the project in detail, identifying potential clashes or design issues early in the process. This facilitated proactive problem-solving and ensured high-quality construction.

Communication Enhancement : BIM improved communication channels between project management and contractors, enabling better collaboration and alignment on project objectives and requirements. This facilitated smoother project execution and minimized misunderstandings.


The integration of BIM as an Integrated Construction Delivery solution at Brookefields Mall in Dubai resulted in several significant benefits:
  • Enhanced Efficiency : By streamlining interactions and improving coordination, BIM helped optimize construction efficiency, leading to smoother project execution and faster delivery.
  • Improved Communication : BIM facilitated better communication among project stakeholders, fostering collaboration and alignment on project goals.
  • Quality Assurance: The use of BIM enabled early detection of clashes and design issues, ensuring high-quality construction and minimizing rework.
  • Timely Delivery: Leveraging BIM technology allowed the project to stay on schedule, meeting deadlines and exceeding client expectations.
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